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Printing services - Digital Printing


Digital printing enables very fast printing directly from the computer, without the need for printing plates or mounting time. Thus, a new concept of emergency/urgent printing showed up, because with a digital printing house, works can be printed in a very short time, within a few hours;

For example, for an order of several hundred full color double-sided A4 leaflets sent in the afternoon, printing is done during the night, and leaflets can be delivered the next day first thing in the morning from our copy center.;

Another great advantage over the classic printing is the possibility to print short runs at a very convenient price, digital printing being also known as small and very small print run, even in a single copy! But this method is profitable only for printing print runs of up to 450-500 copies. For printing larger print runs of over 500 copies, it is more advantageous the offset printing, where orders must be made in advance by several days.