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About Us

Ceconii Printing House


Started at the initiative of some young enthusiasts, Ceconii Printing house became quickly a known name in the world of printing services, both in Baia Mare as well as in the surrounding counties. The company has rapidly and continuously grown, reaching shortly to work with beneficiaries across the country..

The evolution of the technical endowment is on a permanent upward curve; the present endowment is ensuring the fulfilment of all specific tasks of this activity, from production preparation up to finishing – packing. Our goal is to offer to our clients the best QUALITY at the lowest price!

Being a company that operates in a competitive environment, we are in a continuous competition due to the technical performance as well as our skilled staff, we want to be always first. Our mission is to offer to our partners an integrated package that provides full range of services, from consulting services in manufacturing of products, up to their printing.

The values that we have defined as the main coordinates of the implementation of our company mission are:

  • The promptness of the orders fulfilment is ensuring to the company a continuous flow of the activity, enabling in the same time to offer to the partners shorter delivery terms. ;
  • Flexibility in the fulfilment of orders was imposed by the need of performing of an extremely diverse range of products requested by our partners;
  • Quality is the fundamental value for the entire activity of the company aiming that the products to be at the highest quality standards.


Awards and distinctions



Integrated policy for quality, environment, health and occupational safety


We Ceconii SRL, we want to continuously improve performance by controlling the impact of our company activities in all stages of the fulfilment of printing works. We are performing works of high quality without prejudice of the limited natural resources, environment, safety and health of all our interested partners.

To this end we are committed to:

  • Respect the requirements of the customers and other interested parties by applying the legislation in force, the existing standards harmonized with EU norms as well as the company's internal requirements;

  • Implement the sustainable development principles by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs;

  • Promote the fulfilment of our works under full security conditions;

  • Measure, monitor, evaluate and continually improve environmental performance, health and safety;

  • Establish goals regarding quality of our works that we measure, monitor, evaluate and maintain them;

  • Encourage continuously our own employees for their professional development through training and creating of a stimulating environment in this purpose;

  • Provide continued increase of customers’ satisfaction by performing high quality works;

  • Prevent environmental pollution by promoting and implementing the best available techniques in our operations;

  • Protect the environment mainly by reducing both, emissions and the use of non-renewable natural resources, increasing the degree of material and energy recovery of the waste and environmental rehabilitation;

  • Assure safety and health at workplaces by minimizing or isolation of risks for our own employees, contractors and visitors.

  • thumb1 Dl. Marian Graur, Manager of Ceconii Printing house